Lissa's Session #4 Notes

Lucifan and Torred arrive in the mines, with a letter from Cort the wizard of the red spire, addressed to Helmirion. There was an attack on the town of Frostwatch, due to the nature of the attack (magic) the wizards of the red spire were blamed. The revenant is the bad guy. The party decides to continue into the caves despite this news.

The tunnels are wide, never narrower than twenty feet. There is a hint of sulfur in the air. The tunnels turn and twist in the shape of arcane symbols. After scouting an alcove the party was attacked by 2 flamespears, a geonid, a mud lasher, and a shardstorm vortex.

Found a door with the words “Only those with the blood of the founders may pass” farther down the passage. Rosalina pricks her finger with a sharp key, and some blood is drawn. Lucifan is indeed a founder, when his finger is pricked the blood is drawn and the doors swings open.

Down the passage the tunnel opens up into a large natural chamber. The tunnel enters through the ceiling and catwalks continue the path downward. In the center stands a monolith from which emanates jolts of energy. On the bottom of the chamber there were cultists and elementals. Surrounding the monolith are figures that are trying to break apart the monolith. The energy is spewing from the cracks in the monolith.

After observing the activities below the party retraced their steps through the passage and back out of the mines back to Coir Dun. En route to Frostwatch, the party spots flickering of flames at edge of the light cast by the campfire. It was an ambush of magma hurlers and air genasi, most likely sent from the chamber with the monolith.

The players seek out Cort at the Fallen Dragon Inn. He is glad the players are still safe, and that they have received the letter that he sent. He seemed surprised when the players mentioned that they had found the monolith. The bloody grin clan connection seems to confuse him. He didn’t know why they would be interested in the monolith. He said he found evidence in his readings that the red spire was able to concentrate energy into residuum which is crystallized magical essence.

There is an unholy alliance between cultist, elementals, members of the bloody grin clan, working together to shatter the monolith to usher in a new era of winter.

Cort revealed that recently the tower’s ability to create residuum was lessened of late. Cort feels the old mage in the spire was killed by Heris.

Cort believes there are three options, or three paths to take:

1) Try to reclaim the wizard tower from Heris, kill him, and continue the research. Potentially we could also rescue the arch wizard if he still survives.

2) We could visit Helmirion’s mentor to answer questions why the genasi are involved

3) Try to pursue other avenues of research, to go into the elemental chaos, visit the city of brass, controlled by the efreet.



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