Session #1 Summary

  • Helmirion met up with Rohak on his way into the city of New Frostwatch, traveling from Hesinvorn, the eladrin city to the east. He stumbled upon a strange grove with an altar in it. Rohak was there meditating. Rohak decided that Helmirion was almost certainly going to get into trouble, and Rohak needed to help people in some way; this was as good a way to start as any.
  • Helmirion met with the Red Spire wizard Cort, and old friend of his mentor. He delivered a box (he didn’t not know what it contained) to Cort. Cort mentioned to him that the Erathasian priest Immeral was looking for some arcane support on a mission he was funding. Helmirion, interested in both wealth and adventure, readily agreed to meet Immeral.
  • Immeral assembled a meeting of his team. Two of its members he was already quite close with: Rosalina, a deva paladin of Erathis, and Sariel, a devout follower of the church that was seeking redemption from her dark past. He had become a guide and mentor to both of them. The other two were Rohak and Helmirion, recommended by his friend Cort from the Red Spire.
  • Immeral explained that there was a cult operating in Frostwatch and the surrounding area that had the church concerned. The cult was called the Cult of the Endless Winter. Immeral was not exactly sure what the mission of the cult was, or what sort of plot it was trying to carry out. However, the name itself and some general rumors had the church worried enough to investigate.
  • Immeral further explained that there was a members of the cult that he had been in contact with that had realized the errors of his ways and was looking to defect. His name was Lucifan. Unfortunately, Lucifan had failed to show up at their most recently scheduled meeting. Immeral was concerned with his well-being.
  • The only lead Immeral has is that Lucifan had mentioned that he had most recently been stationed at the old wizard tower in the Ruins of Old Frostwatch. Apparently his group had been investigating some old documents that had been left behind at the tower.
  • Immeral asked the PCs to head into the ruins, find the old wizard tower, and investigate. If they Lucifan (Immeral gave a basic description) they were to bring him back to Immeral.
  • The PCs rested up, gathered their supplies, and headed out the next morning into the ruins. At one point, they ran into a bit of trouble with some bandits looking to rob them. The bandits were not expecting to tangle with powerful adventurers, however.
  • Once they found the old wizard tower, they made their way inside. The tower itself had been leveled for the most part, but the base still stood. They searched inside and found a hatchway in the floor. As soon as Sariel put her hand on the hatchway lever, strange ice warriors appeared and attacked. It was a tough battle, with the PCs being hampered by the slowing and immobilizing capabilities of the ice creatures. But eventually the PCs prevailed and destroyed the creatures.
  • The PCs opened the hatch, and found a relatively intact basement area where some sleeping quarters and storage areas were located. There were a couple of cultist henchman, along with Wenyin, the leader of this particular cell of the cult and his White Dragon Wyrmling pet. There was another cultist tied to a chair in the corner, having obviously been severely tortured. The PCs fought against the cultists and prevailed yet again. They searched the area for anything of obvious value, untied the cultist that matched Lucifan’s description, and gave him some first aid. Despite this, he could not be revived.
  • The PCs brought Lucifan back to the church as Immeral had asked. They found the priest who began to attend to the cultist’s wounds. Something magical was affecting his ability to wake up, and Immeral was not sure how long it would take to revive the man. He asked that the PCs stay in the city and be ready when he sent word. He wanted them to be around when Lucifan told his tale.



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