Session #13 Summary

The PCs continued down the stairs toward the main floor of House Saravel. They could hear voices shouting about their approach, as well as a lower, more sinister voice talking about needing to finish a ritual. The PCs charged into battle with two iron archons, two fire genasi rogues, and a genasi knight that wielded dark powers. The genasi were from House Qet’aran.

The target of the ritual was a genasi corpse that bore the markings of House Saravel. During the battle the corpse awoke, and drew its bow to great effect against the knight and his goons. The PCs talked briefly with the revenant and it agreed to help them explore the rest of the house. The revenant introduced herself as Tela.

The PCs began to explore the first floor, splitting up a bit. Helmirion noticed the remains of a spell on the outer doors of the house. It seems that his relatives were magically sealed inside the house before it was crashed into the ground.

Lucifan and Rohak explored some of the rooms to the east while Helmirion, Tela, Rosalina, and Sariel headed west. Helmirion and Tela felt a sense of familiarity coming from the western room. When they went into the room, ghostly spirits were awakened and started swirling around the PCs, moaning and shrieking. Suddenly the door slammed shut behind them, locking Lucifan and Rohak out of the battle.

Ghosts of House Saravel materialized and started to attack the PCs in the room. The PCs implored the ghosts to stop attacking, trying to convince them of their good intentions. Meanwhile Lucifan and Rohak tried to smash through the door which was sealed with ghostly magic. Eventually Rohak and Lucifan were able to join the battle, and the PCs were able to convince the ghosts to stop fighting them. The ghosts relented, and the room returned to deathly silence.

Helmirion found that one of the skeletons belonged to his father, and he was wearing another amulet, one more key for Solkara’s prison. He was also clutching a leather-bound journal written by Helmirion’s mother.

From the windows of the main floor, the PCs could still see the large humanoids – ogres, trolls, and a frost giant – guarding the courtyard outside. They decided to take the battle to them before they were caught off guard by them while exploring the rest of the house. The ranged PCs went back upstairs and took up positions in the upper windows. Rosalina and Sariel charged through the main doors into battle, which the other PCs launched spells and arrows from the cover of the windows. The plan worked well, and the PCs were able to make easy work of the large humanoids.

After that battle, the PCs were out of energy and most of the power was spent. They decided to rest for the night in the courtyard and explore the rest of the house after recovering.



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