Session #17 Summary

The PCs had to take decisive action regarding Etraiv before more people showed up on the scene. They dragged him into the sewers beneath the alley where the battle occurred. Helmirion and Lucifan took him a few bends and turns away from the entrance while the more morally absolute PCs remained near the entrance.

Etraiv was awakened rudely by having daggers shoved through his wrists so he was pinned upright to the wall of the sewer. The interrogation was tough – Etraiv was not easy to break. In the end the PCs were forced to compromise with him. Etraiv demanded that Rosalina was included in the negotiations because he trusted her word over those of Hemlirion and Lucifan. The PCs were unable to recover his amulet as he did not have it on him and would not tell them where it was. But he knew of another person that had an amulet. He agreed to give them that information if they agreed to let him go. In addition, they would not interfere with his plans to take control of the city. In addition he agreed to leave the PCs alone provided they left the city immediately. And he would tell them where King Aphyr was, although he thought it was probably too late to save him.

This is a summary of the information that Etraiv revealed:

  • He confirmed that he did indeed kill his parents. He also claimed that his parents were responsible for the fall of House Saravel, and not him directly.
  • Solkara has some sort of leverage over Kostchtchie, the youngest of the demon lords known as the Prince of Wrath. The demons that Etraiv used to attack House Mariz were the minions of Kostchtchie.
  • Mirmakur, also known as the Raving Priest, is a mad storm titan that is Solkara’s closest follower. He leads the cultists. He is rumored to be the only person that speaks directly with Solkara.
  • King Aphyr was still on his throne within the palace. He is being kept in check by an item that was given to Etraiv by his mentor.
  • The other person that has an amulet is Norvaldr, a frost giant king that lives in a frozen citadel in the mountains north of Frostwatch.
  • Apparently Frostwatch is in even worse shape then when the PCs left. It is besieged by savage humanoids from Norvaldr’s tribes.

The interrogation was completed and Etraiv was freed by Helmirion. He limped his way back to the entrance. A few minutes later the PCs heard some conversation and comotion and then Etraiv shouted at some guards to attack them. Helmirion jumped to action and teleported the PCs to the safety of House Mariz before the guards could find them.

The PCs regrouped at House Mariz and spoke briefly with Yuriel. They borrowed some large cloaks to disguise themselves since they were still fugitives in the city. Then they made their way to the palace, hopefully in time to save the king.

They found the palace guarded by a few archons. The archons did not respond at all to conversation, and blocked the path of the PCs as they tried to cross the bridge to the palace’s earthmote. The PCs fought them, expecting an easy battle. However, some rageborn demons, minions of Kostchtchie, joined in the fight. They proved to be tough opponents but the PCs won the day.

With the guards defeated, the PCs entered the palace to find the king. Luckily the throne room was the first room they entered, and the PCs found a strange scene. The king was seated in this throne, and attendants were seated around the court. It appeared that the court was gathered to formally receive a guest. There was a large pitch-black orb hovering in the center of the room. An aura of purle-greenish light surrounded the orb, and tendrils of the dark energy flowed from each attendant, as well as the king, back to the orb. The PCs examined one of the attendants and found that he was dead. However, an examination of the king showed that he was barely alive.

The PCs continued to investigate cautiously, but eventually the orb became alerted to their presence. It surged to action, tendrils of the dark energy spinning through the room wildly. Howling ghosts started swirling out of the orb. In addition, two portals appears on the floor on either side of the orb and skeletons started crawling through them.



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