Session #2 Summary

Meeting with Immeral
  • A couple days after returning from the Ruins of Old Frostwatch the PCs were summoned back to the Church by Immeral.
  • The cultist, Lucifan, had awakened, although he was still not fully cured. There were strange magical blocks in his memories, clearly put there intentionally. Immeral could not yet figure out how to remove the blocks.
  • Immeral asked the PCs to keep an eye on Lucifan and to let him travel with them. He wanted a close eye kept on the former cultist, and he wanted the PCs to be around if any of his memories resurfaced. Lucifan seemed agreeable enough to the situation and followed the PCs along on their travels.
Visit from the Spirits
  • While the PCs were talking with Immeral, Rohak settled in a corner to await the results of the meeting. A strange exhaustion settled over him, and he fell asleep. When he awoke he was adament that the PCs must travel to the Coir Dun mining town. He was never quite clear on how he knew this or why they had to go.
Strange Visions
  • While travelling through the city to visit the Red Spire, Rosalina suddenly stopped and she stared off into space for a few seconds. Then she snapped back to reality and seemed quite shaken for some reason. She didn’t go into detail on what had happened.
Meeting with Cort
  • The PCs noticed the revenant wizard Heris walking through the halls of the Red Spire as the PCs headed to meet Cort. Most of them had never seen (or even heard) of a revenant before.
  • Helmirion described the situation with Lucifan. Cort was curious about the mental blocks that had been magically inserted into Lucifan’s mind. He told the PCs that he would do some research about the situation.
  • Helmirion also went into more detail about the old wizard tower where they had found Lucifan. He asked if Helmirion found any documents of interest, and Helmirion showed him the old documents he found that he hadn’t been able to translate. Cort said he would look into translating them.
  • The PCs noticed that Cort seemed much more preoccupied and worried than the last time they had met with him. When asked about it, Cort eventually revealed that he feared he had uncovered some secrets about the Red Spire. He had found an old tome that made reference to the original Red Spire and the fact that the wizards there had caused the Endless Winter. This obviously had Cort concerned, and he was continuing to do research. He mentioned to the PCs that there were a couple terms from the tome that he had yet to translate or identify: “Kaltara” and “Un Hai’kapata”.
  • During the meeting, Rosalina made a connection between the glass set into the walls of the Red Spire and a glass monolith that she had seen in her vision. She asked Cort about the monolith and this seemed to strike a cord with him. In the same tome, he had read about a monolith which seemed to have something to do with the Endless Winter.
Warning From a Strange Ally
  • After the meeting with Cort the PCs were again travelling through the city. Sariel was flagged down by an unexpected former acquaintance, Zay. He was a low ranking human thug in the Grim Visage, a thieves’ guild which Sariel had former dealings with. Zay warned Sariel that a contract had been posted on the heads of her and her companions, and that the Grim Visage had taken the deal. After receiving the warning Sariel snuck back to her companions, and they never even noticed she was gone. She didn’t mention anything about the incident until later.
Travelling to Coir Dun
  • The PCs had concluded all immediate business in Frostwatch, and Rohak was quite insistent that they had to immediately travel to the mining town of Coir Dun. They gathered some supplies and headed out.
  • Travel was uneventful, though not very comfortable due to the still-frigid nights of early spring. As they walked, Sariel warned the PCs that she had information that there was a contract on their heads. She didn’t know when or if an attack would occur but they should be on their guard.
  • After hearing the warning from Sariel Helmirion cast a ritual to allow them to travel undetected, lowering the chance of being followed by their enemies.
The Injured Rider
  • The PCs reached the gates of Coir Dun on the morning of their third day out from Frostwatch. As they approach the gates they noticed a rider approach fast from behind them and heading toward the city. The PCs quickly hid and watched the rider’s approach. As the horse got closer they realized that the rider was slumped over unconscious, and he slipped off the horse and fell into the road in front of them as the horse sped on.
  • The PCs rushed over to the man and revived him. The man, who introduces himself as Terred, frantically warned the PCs that the East Mine had been attacked by the Bloody Grin Clan. He said that some of the attackers were marching toward Coir Dun as they spoke, and the city must be warned.
  • Hearing this, the PCs rushed toward the gates, bringing a still-weak Terred with them. They quickly explained the situation to the guards and had them summon the Lord of the town, a dwarf by the name of Kurset. The guards escorted the PCs and Terred into the guard house while they awaited Kurset so Terred could recover.
Rohak the Hero
  • As the PCs were escorted into the guard house, a couple of the PCs noticed a very strange statue in the middle of the town. It bore a striking resemblance to their companion Rohak. In fact, getting closer to the statue, it seemed that it bore an exact resemblance to the taciturn dwarf.
  • Rohak remembered that he had had a cousin in the Icepick clan named Kurset. Could it be a coincidence?
  • When Kurset arrived at the guard house it was obvious that it was not a coincidence. The Lord introduced himself as Kurset Icepick. Upon seeing Rohak he was briefly speechless but then correctly identified his long lost second cousin (the Kurset that Rohak knew in his youth was Lord Kurset’s father who had passed on a few decades ago).
  • Kurset was obviously confused about how Rohak could still be alive but he ignored the matter temporarily in order to deal with the emergency that he had been summoned about.
Kurset’s Speech to the Town
  • After hearing the details of the attack on the mines and the evil forces marching on Coir Dun, Kurset set to immediate work. He dispatched criers to assemble everyone in the town square immediatley so that he could address them.
  • After the townsfolk were assembled, Kurset gave a stirring speech explaining the situation and promising that he would do everything possible to save the town. He made specific mention that their hero Rohak Icepick had returned in their time of need with powerful adventuring companions, and he implored the PCs to aid the town in their defense.
  • Kurset asked that everyone willing and able to help in the defense of the town should report to the watch commander to receive assignments. Everyone else should evacuate to Frostwatch. Word would be sent to them after the battle as to the fate of the town.
Fortifying the Town
  • The PCs, along with the rest of the townsfolk that were staying, set out to prepare the town’s defense. People began reinforcing the walls, gathering supplies, sharpening weapons, etc.
  • The PCs made some particular efforts toward the defenses. Helmirion reinforced the walls with magical runes that helped to slow their foes. Sariel bolstered the spirits of the townsfolk by talking up the hero Rohak and promising that he would see them through the ordeal. Rosalina held a prayer gathering and implored Erathis to come to their aid. Rohak established first aid stations in strategic locations in the town and gave instructions to the volunteers on triage, treatment, and other particulars of battle healing. Lucifan dug into the reserves of his endurance to make last minute runs across the town bringing supplies and messages as needed.
Rumors About the Bloody Grin Clan While helping fortify the defenses, the PCs also heard some rumors about their foes:
  • The clan consists of goblins, orcs, bugbears, ogres, hill and frost giants, as well as evil members of the more civilized races.
  • The leader of the Bloody Grin is a fearsome frost giant king. According to various rumors he can control the weather, rides a white dragon into battle, can chill the hearts of mortals with but a thought, wields a giant axe made of magical ice, etc.
  • A couple of the kings lieutenants are two ogre brothers. However, they are not normal ogres. They have purple-grey skin and each one has one eye that is swollen and yellow. A couple of the PCs realize that this sounds a lot like a Fomorian.
    • One of the brothers is an expert fighter and wades into battle with a greataxe and can take on several opponents at once.
    • The other brother commands foul magic and can get into the heads of his opponents and confuse their thoughts.
  • The Bloody Grin clan has been attacking Coir Dun and the mines more and more frequently lately. No one seems to know what has riled them up.
  • In disucssing the Blood Grin Clan, Lucifcan remembers an assignment he had guarding a higher-up in the Endless Winter cult. While he was travelling with his superior the man had a meeting with a group of orcs that bore the symbol of the Bloody Grin.
The Battle at Coir Dun
  • Eventually dusk came and there was no more time to improve defenses as the first of their enemies appeared from the path to the East Mine. The battle ensued and quickly the scene was complete chaos.
  • The PCs tried to keep tabs on the battle while they were fighting. Things were going fairly well until a particularly skilled group of orcs and goblins appeared, easily cutting through the ragtag defenders. The PCs moved quickly to intercept this group. They fought well, and slew the foul creatures.
  • As they recovered from the battle, they heard shouting from the gate. They looked over in time to see a huge ogre with purple-grey skin smashing throught he ranks of the defends. He roared as he swung his huge battle axe, tossing townsfolk this way and that.
  • The PCs rushed over, and engaged the strange ogre. He was a skilled fighter, and his bloated yellow eye seemed to give him some powers over their minds. The fight was tough, but eventually the PCs gained the upper hand and the ogre fell dead.
  • With their leader slain, the rest of the attackers quickly dispersed.
  • The townsfolk began to recover from the battle. The dead were gathered to be properly buried. The dead of their enemies, on the other hand, were dragged into a heap on the outside to be burned without ceremony. The injured were brought to the first aid tents to be treated. Repairs were begun on the gates and walls as well as some buildings that had been damaged during the attack.
  • Terred ran over to the PCs after the battle, along with Kurset. Terred implored the PCs to travel to the mines to see if any of the people there could be rescued. Kurset agreed that the East Mine must be recaptured if possible, and if the PCs were willing to help he would be forever grateful.



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