Session #20 Summary

The PCs gathered themselves to leave Frostwatch on the road toward Whiteleaf. When they awoke, they found a cryptic note from Lucifan and Telara that they had to take care of a sudden emergency and would catch up with the group as soon as possible. Confused, but unable to find their companions, the PCs had no choice but to continue on toward Coir Dun to save the monolith from total destruction.

Helmirion’s newly-crafted Bridles of Conjuration came in handy, along with his Endure Elements ritual. The weather was horrible, with paths obscured by large snow banks, and close to zero visibility on the roads. But the PCs did manage to arrive at Whiteleaf by dusk, avoiding having to camp out on the frozen road.

As they approached the town, the PCs noticed that something was amiss. Faint sounds of screams and snarls could be hard on the wind, and black smoke wafted from a few buildings that were clearly aflame. The PCs spurred their horses and charged toward town.

They found the town overrun with orcs. Villagers were fleeing from the beasts in terror. There were dozens of the savage creatures. The PCs sprang into action and gathered the injured villagers into the town square. After the wounded were stabilized, the PCs looked to move out and end the raid. A large group of orcs ran through the square and the PCs intercepted them. Two more groups of orcs joined the fray, but the PCs made quick work of their numerous enemies.

The villagers were quite thankful that the PCs had come in time to save the town. Although the inn was badly damaged by the raid, the PCs were welcomed into the homes of the villagers for food, drink, and lodging. One of the villagers, Estan, offered to guide the PCs through the mountains to Coir Dun. The passes were growing more treacherous, and many of the normal paths were blockaded by the savage mountain tribes.

The PCs took Estan up on his offer and left for Coir Dun in the morning. At one point, they had to cross a river, and the bridge had been out since Coir Dun was raided. Estan found a spot where the river gathered into a large pond and had frozen over enough to cross. However, a couple of predators had also found the spot and were using it as an ambush point. When the PCs were in the middle of the frozen bridge, an owlbear and a frozen treant attacked from out of the surrounding forest. The predators had caught the PCs at a disadvantage but the PCs fought hard and eventually turned the tide and slayed the beasts.

The rest of the travel to Coir Dun was uneventful. The PCs found the mining town deserted and picked clean by raiders. Frozen bodies of dwarves and the occaisional orc or ogre littered the ground. But the saddest thing of all was the statue of Rohak, the hero of Coir Dun, toppled and broken on the frozen ground.



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