Session #25 Summary

The PCs finished up at Norvaldr’s compound, which the Eisk Jaat were now moving in to. Before they left, the Earthmother summons Rohak for a final conversation. She thanked him for helping her people, and urged him to pass her thanks on to his companions. In addition, she explained that she saw the power of the Mountains within him, which she had never seen in other races before. She gave Rohak an ancient totem made of leather and bone that was shaped into a geometric pattern. She told him that the totem would help him in the dark times that were to come, and that he should meditate on it to unlock its secrets.

The PCs then had to find out how to get to the City of Brass within the Elemental Chaos. Figuring that the wizards of the Red Spire would have such knowledge, that was their first stop. They found that Travius and most of the senior wizards were still securing the monolith. The PCs found out by talking to some of the junior wizards that Travius kept some books related to the City of Brass in his personal library. After some persuasion, the wizard in command of the Red Spire, an exotic woman by the name of Caliphae, agreed to let the PCs into Travius chambers to conduct their research. Helmirion made short work of the assignment, and had an excellent understanding of the City of Brass after a few hours of reading.

Before heading into the City of Brass, the PCs decided to stop back at Hathsarl to see how King Aphyr was faring in his reascension to power. Aphyr was glad to see the PCs, and held a banquet in their honor. The King told them what he could of the City of Brass, and bid the PCs to ask after an azer in one of the foundries that owed him a favor. Aphyr thought that he might be able to help the PCs to locate Vlaakith. Before leaving Hathsarl, the PCs also saw that House Mariz was being rebuilt, and that Yuriel was doing well, relaxing after his recent adventures.

The portal to the City of Brass went without a hitch, and the PCs found themselves at one of the major gates into the city. The PCs had to speak with a couple Efreet before being allowed entrance, and also had to place their palsm onto a magic device that tracked their essence while in the city. Once inside, the PCs sought out Aphyr’s azer friend, a blacksmith by the name of Ven.

The PCs found Ven without too much trouble, and asked him some pointed questions about Vlaakith, dancing around the subject of his lichdom. Ven was able to provide some information about the city in general, but could offer no specific information about any liches or anyone named Vlaakith. He recommended that the PCs start with an area of the city known as the Rookery, the seediest district where the law did not reach.

The PCs made their way to the Rookery, and found that they drew a lot of attention as soon as they were inside. A ragtag group of ruffians approached the PCs looking for a fight. They called themselves the Dread Fist Gang. The PCs fought and easily bested the gang. Without more than a few minutes rest, another challenger appeared. He was a priest of Imix, the fire lord. Though at first he appeared to fight alone, when the battle started he summoned a number of fire creatures. Although the PCs had already used some of their powers during the battle with the Dread Fist Gang, the Imix cultist did not prove to be any more difficult to vanquish.

After the PCs demonstrated their battle prowess, they received noticeably less attention as they made their way deeper into the Rookery…



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