Session #26 Summary

The PCs recovered from their battles in the Rookery, and had decided to make their way to a safer neighborhood to catch some rest. As they were leaving, however, they were approached by a female githzerai who introduced herself as Liricosa. She was quite standoffish and private, but offered to tell the PCs what she know about the lich Vlaakith in exchange for them recovering a particular dagger from his person. She would not reveal how she knew about Vlaakith, what she wanted the dagger for, or anything regarding her history.

The PCs agreed eventually. She told them that Vlaakith was held up in a particular house within the Rookery, and told them what she knew of his doings in the city, which wasn’t much. She could not offer them any advise about slaying him since she had never seen him fight. In addition, she could offer no information regarding his phylactery.

The PCs left Liricosa and made their way out of the Rookery to recover and plan their assault on Vlaakith’s house. Rosalina had grown suspicious of how much Liricosa knew about their intent to find Vlaakith, since they had only mentioned it to the Azer Ven in the foundry. The PCs went seeking after Ven, but found that he had abandoned his post at the foundry, his living quarters look undisturbed, and no one knew what had become of him. Suspicious of what happened, but without any other leads, the PCs retired to an inn to get some rest.

When the PCs awoke, they headed back into the Rookery to investigate Vlaakith’s house. They found that the house had two floors, and upper floor with barred windows and drawn curtains, and a lower floor that was filled with crumbling debris and decaying furniture. The PCs cautiously entered the lower floor, and were attacked by Vlaakith’s guards: an efreet, a few tulgar, several undead arcanian spellcasters, and two obsidian golems. The battle was tough, with the PCs unable to combine their efforts to take out any of their foes. Eventually the PCs gained the upper hand, and the opposition crumbled quickly.

After a short rest, the PCs prepared to head upstairs and hopefully find Vlaakith. Sariel made her way up first, trying to remain unseen. However, Vlaakith saw right through her stealth, and gloated at her to bring her friends up. When the others came upstairs, Vlaakith had just finished a ritual involving a cauldron of lava and another vessel of concentrated flame. Helmirion and Lucifan quickly determined that Vlaakith had been working to harness the power from the lake of lava upon which the City of Brass was built. Vlaakith briefly gloated about his ritual’s success, and his ability to free Solkara from her frozen prison by harnessing the Sea of Fire.

The PCs dove into battle, and were able to best Vlaakith without too much trouble. He had some zombie minions that could not be slain. They managed to give the PCs some trouble, but Rosalina kept Vlaakith locked down and the PCs eventually overtook him.

After Vlaakith was slain, Liricosa appeared. The PCs were suspicious of her sudden appearance, but having just located the dagger that she sought, Telara handed it over to her. Liricosa suddenly changed as she thrust the dagger into Telera’s chest. Before the PCs stood Natan, now a Rakshasa. He laughed maniacally, and then dove into a swirling attack with his two razor-sharp blades…



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