Session #27 Summary

The PCs were momentarily stunned when the githzerai known as Liricosa suddenly transforms into Natan, now reborn as a Rhakshasa. The PCs recovered and battle ensued. The demons that Natan summoned were locked down quite effectively for most of the encounter, but Natan was much tricker to control. He was able to slash with his claws and longsword with amazing speed, dodging in and out of the PCs attacks with apparent ease.

Eventually, though, Rosalina summoned all of her power to slay her former friend. She slashed him deeply across the arm, and then used the opportunity to fall inside his reach and plunge her sword through his chest. As he died, she revealed that he had a daughter that he would never know.

With Natan slain, the PCs recovered Vlaakith’s amulet, and also the dagger that Natan had tricked the PCs into recovering for him. After a quick examination, it was obvious that the dagger was Vlaakith’s phylactery. The PCs immersed it in the elemental fire from the lich’s lab, and the dagger was consumed, preventing the fiend from ever returning.

The PCs returned back to the Red Spire in Frostwatch with Natan’s body. Rosalina took a solo trip into the wilderness to bury him. On her way back, a bunch of drow teleported in and dove in to attack her. She saw no way out, and was sure that she would perish. However, time froze and a statuesque woman wearing artisan’s clothing appeared out of the treeline. The woman revealed herself to be Erathis, Rosalina’s god.

Erathis told Rosalina that she was in grave danger, but her time in this life was not yet over. She warned her that the rest of her friends would need her help to survive what is yet to come. Suddenly, there was a flash of brilliant light, Erathis and the drow were gone, and Rosalina found herself outside the gates of Frostwatch, though she had been many miles from there when Erathis appeared.

Rosalina quickly went back to join up with the rest of the PCs, and explained what had happened. The recounted what the group of drow looked like, and recreate the symbol that they had worn. Sariel recognized the symbol as belonging to a legendary group of assassins known as the Ilun Sembre. Most members of Sariel’s guild considered the Ilun to be a myth, but the stories surrounding them always made them out to be almost unbeatable.

The PCs, not ones to be intimidated, attacked the problem head on. They went to Travius’ library and did some research, but could not find much. Helmirion cast a ritual to allow for the PCs to consult a spirit oracle. The PCs found out that Mirmakur had hired the Ilun Sembre to kill them, and that they were being tracked through the amulets. They also found out that the Ilun had an established presence in the planar city of Sigil.

In addition to gathering information about Sigil, Helmirion also cast a reverse scrying ritual to try to get a sense of who was watching them. The ritual was successful, and Helmirion was able to glimpse a humanoid with bandages surround his eyes which looked to have been torn out by his own hands. It appeared to be one of the Foresaken, a group of humanoids that had absorbed the essence of slain gods during the Dawn War.

The PCs made their way to Sigil and started asking around. With some amazing streetwise investigation from Sariel, the PCs found a house that was rumored to be connected to the Ilun. The PCs approached the building and found it to be a fairly large, ornate structure with a very solid front door. The PCs started to case the building, but were interrupted as the same drow that attacked Rosalina teleported in around them. Except this time, they had a couple of drow abominations with them that could summon blinding, dizzying darkness.

The battle was tough, but the PCs overcame the drow. But only a few minutes later, another wave teleported in, this one led by the same Forsaken that they had seen through the reverse scrying ritual. He was accompanied by several flying demons, a couple mind flayers, and one of the illithid’s elder brains.



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