Session #28 Summary

The PCs started the session engaged in a battle with the second wave of the Ilun Sembre. This battle was tough, and the enemies seemed to be trying to exploit the weaknesses of the group. Obviously they had studied the PCs and new where to focus their attacks.

The PCs eventually wore down their foes, and slew all but the forsaken leader who teleported away. Despite the fact that the PCs were right outside the door of an Ilun stronghold, they decided that they didn’t have enough resources left to explore inside. The stayed in one of the numerous inns within Sigil, and returned the next morning.

Unfortunately, the Ilun took that opportunity to clear out the stronghold. The PCs found the place abandoned, and cleaned out in a hurry. With a bit of luck and keen observation, Telara noticed a book secured underneath a desk drawer in what was probably the boss’s private quarters. The book contained encoded information, and the PCs could not immediately decode the information.

The PCs returned to the Red Spire in Frostwatch and set out to decode the information. After a few days shared between the Red Spire and the Church of Erathis, the PCs were able to decode some of the information. The book contained some information about the Ilun, including directions on how to reach their headquarters within the Astral Sea. The directions started with the sigils for a teleportation circle.

The PCs followed the coordinates for the teleportation circle and arrived in the Astral Sea. They found themselves in a desolate landscape that was clearly important to the forsaken, a casualty of the Dawn War between the gods and primordials. The landscape was shattered, with large chunks of rock floating dozens of feat above the ground.

The PCs started to follow the directions from the book, but after a half hour or so the Ilun Sembre attacked again. They had the advantage of picking the location of their ambush, and their were three forsaken leaders that took a defensive position on a few of the floating rocks. The forsaken summoned various demons into the fight to engage the PCs while they attacked from a distance.

The battle was tough, and again the Ilun seemed to have a clear plan on how to triumph, but the PCs resisted. In the end, the forsaken and their minions were slain, and the PCs continued on toward their headquarters…



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