Session #30 Summary

The PCs rested in the Astral Sea after they defeated Allabar. During the night, Rosalina and Lucifan received visions from their respective masters.

Erathis showed Rosalina a large area south of Frostwatch where a battle had taken place. Human bodies lay everywhere, with the occaisional orc, ogre, giant, or demon corpse mixed in. Clearly the humans had been on the losing side of the battle. Erathis warned Rosalina that she would have to prevent this from occuring in order to save Frostwatch, and all of civilization in the north.

Meanwhile, Lucifan received a different vision. He saw his master as he always did, cloaked in shadows, unable to see his face. The devil lord told Lucifan that Kostchichie, the demon lord, sworn enemy of his Master, had materilized in the world, along with an army of his demon minions. They had swarmed in from the portal in the mountains. Lucifan’s master ordered him to defeat Kostchichie and drive him back to the Abyss, or he would not enjoy the rest of eternity.

Lucifan and Rosalina shared the information when the PCs awoke, and they decided to return to Frostwatch immediately. The teleported to the Red Spire and found Travius there, injured and exhausted. He explained that demons had indeed poured out of the portal that he and the other mages were guarding. There were heavy losses, and the mages were forced to fall back and abandon the portal. When they returned to Frostwatch, they found that the attacks from the savage races of the north had started up again: clearly someone had taken Norvaldr’s place in organizing their raids.

When the PCs explained their visions, Travius was heartened. The king of Frostwatch had sent messengers to the southern cities in order to request reinforcements. They had not heard any word back, probably because the messengers had been intercepted en route. The army in Rosalina’s vision were certainly reinforcements from the south, based on the description of their banners. Through Rosalina’s description of the area, Travius was able to focus a scrying ritual on the area, and confirm that the army was there, and so far the battle had not started. Travius urged the PCs to make haste and save the army from the fate fortold by Erathis.

Meanwhile, Sariel had gone for a quick errand to pick up a new weapon. Rohak accompanied her, and while he was waiting outside the shop, an Eisk Jaat messenger found him. The messenger explained that the Living Glacier had risen in the frozen lands north of the mountains. A storm titan had gathered the savages under him and were making their way south. The Eisk Jaat had been slaughtered in the army’s wake. THe Earth Mother still lived, and had sent the messenger to warn the dwarf with the Heart of the Mountain of the danger posed to the people of the south.

After some confusion, Rohak was able to relay the message to the rest of the PCs. Clearly, Mirmakur was in the world along with Kostchichie, and he had summoned Xixecal, the Living Glacier, as well. It seemed they were going to make one last ditch effort to overrun Frostwatch and free the way for Solkara. Intercepting the southern armies would be a good first step in isolating Frostwatch and sealing its fate.

Helmirion cast a ritual to transform into a large dragon which could carry the rest of the PCs. With the advantage of flight and travel speed, the PCs quickly located the army, and found that the fighting had started. They came upon a group of humans that had been surrounded by savages and demons. The foes were a trifle to the PCs, and a well-placed chain lightning from Helmirion eliminated almost all of the attackers. The PCs cleaned up the rest while Rohak used his healing magic to save most of the battalion.

The leader of the battalion thanked the PCs profusely, but urged them to regroup and go after the price. He gave them instructions on where the prince was last camped, and the PCs made haste again. The found the prince on a war horse, riding with several skilled fighters. They were in the midst of routing a group of demons. The PCs hailed him, and he was glad to see them.

He explained that he knew where the leader of the enemy army was located, and had been trying to gather his troops to make a run at him. The leader was a huge winged demon with a flaming whip and a sword that crackled with lightning. Based on that description, the PCs knew that the army was being lead by a Balor, one of the most powerful types of demons.

The PCs made some quick plans with the prince, and the group was about to head out to confront the Balor when a gargantuan white dragon flew over the crest of a hill and descended toward them. At the same time, a large group of orcs came into view, charging in the same direction. The prince shouted at the PCs to focus on the dragon, and he and his men would keep the orcs off of their back.

The price did well in keeping the orcs at bay, though several did make it into the fray with the PCs. It was a tough battle, and the PCs were forced to spend energy and powers that they would have preferred to save for the Balor. But in the end the dragon and the orcs were slain. The prince’s group had taken a couple casualities, but they were valiant deaths.

The PCs and the prince’s men regrouped, again preparing to go after the Balor. While they were recovering, the original batallian that the PCs had rescued found them and joined the cause.



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