Session #31 Summary

The PCs told Prince Degard to hold back with his troops while they went after the Balor and his lieutenants. It was a tough battle, during which Telara was felled by the Balor. But the PCs ralied, and defeated the Balor and his foul minions.

With the Balor defeated, the remainder of his army scattered quickly. Prince Degard’s army and the PCs were able to take out any disorganized groups that they encountered as they made their way back to Frostwatch. The PCs elected to stay with the army and escort them back in order to ensure their safe arrival. The PCs and the army arrived back at Frostwatch to great fanfare. The reinforcements nearly doubled the size of Frostwatch’s defense.

The PCs met with Travius and got an update on the movements of the northern army. Travius gave a rundown of the troops: Mirmakur and Xixecal travelled separately in the army, issuing orders from either side. Travius had scryed several dragons, hundreds of demons and elementals, and roughly ten thousand troops composed of savage humanoid races such as orcs, tulgar, ogres, and giants. Travius estimated that based on the army’s position and speed, it would arrive before the morning of the next day.

Since this was the final stop, the PCs pulled out all of the stops. They travelled back to Hathsarl in the Elemental Chaos in order to solicit help from King Aphyr. He was able to give them 20 of his elite guard, as well as 100 of his archon troops. In addition, Helmirion travelled to his adopted city of Hesinvorn to get help from the elves. They contributed another couple hundred troops. Telara travelled into the wilderness to implor Nature herself for aid. She rallied the larger creatures of the forests to join in the defense of the land: wolves, bears, birds of prey, and other fearsome beasts. Rohak prayed to the spirits in order to garner their aid, as Sariel and Rosalina prayed to Erathis in order to ensure her assistance during their time of need.

When all was said and done, the PCs stood with an army of roughly 4000 troups, some of which would be able to hold their own against Solkara’s army for a time. But they were still vastly outnumbered and outgunned. It would be up to the PCs in order to turn the tide of battle. With a few hours remaining, the PCs formulated their final attack plan. While the battle started in earnest at the gates of Frostwatch, the PCs would fly on winged steeds summoned by Helmirion, circle around the army to the back ranks, and take the fight directly to Xixecal and Mirmakur. Since Xixecal was a more challenging fight, they would take him on first, and then go after Mirmakur once Xixecal was destroyed.

Having done as much as they could to prepare, the PCs retired for a couple hours of fitful sleep, waiting for the alarm to be raised on the army’s arrival…



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