Session #32 Summary

The PCs were awoken to the sounds of war horns and scrambling soldiers. The advance scouts of Solkara’s army had arrived at the gates of Frostwatch. The PCs got some last-minute intelligence from some of the commanders, who told them that Xixecal had swung around and was approaching from the west, while Mirmakur had done the opposite and was approaching from the east.

The PCs decided to stick with their plan and go after Xixecal. Helmirion used his dragon ritual so he could transport the PCs and himself quickly, and hopefully undetected. The PCs swung south, hoping to flank Xixecal. The plan was a success, though their were some close calls with outlying troops. The PCs landed ahead of Xixecal’s position, and waited for he and his lieutenants to march into their ambush.

Xixecal was a fearsome foe, but he was vulnerable to fire, which inhibited his aura of bone-chilling cold. The PCs finish him and his minions off without taking any significant casualties.

The PCs then debated whether they should go after Mirmakur immediately, after having spent much of their power on destroying Xixecal. Or, should they instead rest, giving Mirmakur a chance to establish defenses, but go after him with renewed vigor. Helmirion had an idea to find a plane where time ran faster, allowing them to rest, without allowing too much time to pass in the world. After some thought, he came up with a place, and created a portal there without too much difficulty.

The PCs settled in to rest, after which they would be ready to travel back to Frostwatch and go after Mirmakur, Solkara’s final lieutenant…



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