Session #33 Summary

The PCs left the demiplane that Helmirion summoned in order to allow them to rest. They reentered the material realm near Frostwatch and made their way toward where they had gotten reports that Mirmakur’s army was located. They found Mirmakur without too much trouble, and in fact when Mirmakur spotted the PCs flying overhead, he moved away from his main army and beckoned that they approach.

When the PCs got within range, Mirmakur summoned a demiplane of his own, taking the PCs with him. It was a large dome surrounded by swirling magical storms. Mirmakur retreated into a similar shell and summoned several creatures to keep the PCs busy: a primordial hydra, some frost gorons, and a couple storm titans. It was a tough battle, but the PCs overcame Mirmakur’s minions.

After a few moments of peace, Mirmakur’s shell disappeared and he attacked, summoning two blizzard dragons to help him. Despite the first battle weakening some of their reserves, the PCs were able to destroy Mirmakur without too much trouble.

With Mirmakur and Xixecal defeated, the remaining armies attacking Frostwatch will probably be easily routed. And the PCs have all of the keys for Solkara’s prison. They can finally enter the portal under the mountains, enter the prison, and defeat Solkara for good. Of course, Kostchiechie will probably intervene and will have to be dealt with first…



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