Session #34 Summary

With the armies of Solkara scattered and their lieutenants slain, the PCs traveled back to Frostwatch to rest up and help in the rebuilding. After a few days, the city seemed to be returning to its former self. The winter broke, the harsh weather faded, and signs of spring began to show.

After giving the PCs some well-deserved recovery time, Travius requested an audience. He asked the PCs to risk themselves one last time in defense of Frostwatch and the world. Solkara was at her weakest point ever in history. She had overextended herself in this current attempt at escape, and most of champions and armies had been destroyed. With all of the keys in the possession of the PCs, they could unlock her prison finish her for good. If not, she would just build her power again and attempt escape in another century or two, when perhaps heroes such as the PCs would not be around to stop her. The PCs agreed, and prepared to make their final journey in Solkara’s realm.

Before bidding his leave, Travius pulled Helmirion aside. He mentioned that he was planning on retiring from his position as Archmage of the Red Spire, and was prepared to endorse Helmirion as his replacement. The Red Spire needed a strong leader to rebuild, and to help the surrounding city of Frostwatch to rebuild as well. Helmirion said he would consider it and bid Travius his leave.

The PCs left for the portal under the mountain where they could enter Solkara’s realm. They greeted the Red Spire wizards there that were restoring the monolith, and then jumped into the portal. They found themselves in an endless, desolate, frozen tundra. The PCs tried to orient themselves but found no sun or stars to navigate by. However, they realized that the amulets which were keys to Solkara’s prison were pulling in a particular direction, and set off in that direction.

After an indeterminite amount of time (due to the unchanging landscape), the PCs rested. During their rest, the light suddenly faded. When it rose again, they found themselves in an entirely different landscape of ashy wasteland and flowing lava. The PCs arose, started, and found that Kostchtchie was moving toward them to attack.

The PCs fought hard against the demon lord, who could summon a seemingly infinite amount of aid from his demon horde, as well as control the very lands of his demesne to force the PCs where he wanted them. But the PCs bested him, and the final ally of Solkara’s was no more.

With Kostchtchie destroyed, his demesne crumbled and the PCs again found themselves in Solkara’s frozen tundra. They continued to follow the pull of the amulets, and eventually found themselves at a giant frozen lake, with Solkara’s immobile form outlined below. Upon arriving, energy began to flow from the amulets to different spots around the lake. When the PCs brought the amulets to the various spots, the frozen lake suddenly thawed, and water churned violently. Solkara was free.

The PCs fought valiently against Solkara, and were able to best her despite her control over the elemental forces of water and cold. With Solkara finally and utterly destroyed, the events that began in Frostwatch so many months ago were finally put to rest.

As for the PCs, they continued to find further adventures…

Rosalina and Sariel are given entry into Erathis’ demesne to come and go as they please. They are elevated to the status of demigods and become Erathis’ champions in the world. They travel throughout the world to advance civilization.

Helmirion is asked to become the Archmage of the Red Spire. Travius wants to retire. Helmirion helps to rebuild the spire and the surrounding city in his image. He gets infinite loot.

At the moment Solkara falls, it becomes clear why Lucifan’s master had wanted him to participate. All of her power is absorbed into Lucifan and channeled into his master. A human mind is not meant to handle such power, and most of Lucifan’s humanity is shattered in the process. But, a good portion of the power remains within him, and he becomes a powerful arch devil in his own right, joining his master in the Nine Hells.

Rohak, having freed his people from Solkara’s yolk and redeemed his failures from centuries before, is no longer haunted by the spirits of those he failed to protect. He is free to pass on and join the spirits of his ancestors in the afterlife. Other dwarven shamans notice that the spirits seem to be even more energized to help them and that they can harness more power than they had before, especially in the healing arts.

Telara retires from the cities of the world and fades into the forest. Thereafter, when evil festers in the deep dark of the forests and caves of the world, it is said that a Dark Wanderer appears to remove the blight and keep the wilderness of the world safe for those who honor its bounty.



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