Female Deva; 6'5" and 180 lbs


Refined and elegant, walks with her head held high and never trips or misses a step. Always seems to be lost in thought but is very aware of everything around her.

Rosalina is tall and slender, wearing a beautiful blue cloak over her armor. Her skin is mainly a dark beautiful purple shade with pale gray patterns across her face, chest, and shoulders. Her hair is waist length and a dark, shimmering purple. She does not move much unless she is walking or examining something. She rarely blinks or moves her dark blue eyes and always has a calm and peaceful looking smile on her face. She is breathtakingly beautiful to most who look at her.


This past reincarnation she awoke naked and alone by a strange and sacred gathering of carved stones where the spirits of the north are strongly present. She lays there for quite a long time, remembering. She has vague memories of a thousand lifetimes before, including walking among many gods a few millennia ago. She smiles as she remembers wonderful, beautiful scenes in her past. Then as she continues through the lifetimes in her head, her smile becomes a frown as she realizes that she has no recollection whatsoever of her most recent life. Try as she might she cannot recall anything that she was or saw or experienced. Even more disturbing is the memories of the lifetime just before the blank one…the one with the Endless Winter.

She remembers fighting valiantly against the giants and the forces of evil trying to keep everyone from living their lives, trying to corrupt everyone with their evil. She remembers vaguely fighting side by side with her closest companion for thousands of years. He was a fellow Deva named Natan. She remembers him a little more clearly then most of her memories because actually knowing another Deva is highly unusual. Her kind is very rare. Suddenly the memories of their friendship grow very dim and she has a horrible uneasy feeling that he is no longer the man she knew. She seems to remember him disappearing from sight in the heat of the battle and never seeing him again…and then the rumors that someone from the fight switched sides and became evil incarnate working with the forces against all good. She shudders with the realization that Natan is probably now her worst nightmare, a Rakshasa…

After hours of recalling her memories and crying for her beautiful friend Natan, she finally rises from the ground and makes her way to the nearest city. People gasp and almost seem to bow as she walks by. She is a very tall, very beautiful creature to behold. In her nakedness people can see she is almost otherworldly with purple and gray skin and elegance unlike any other. She finds a church and walks in with no hesitation, knowing this will be where she will find help, and be of the most help to them.

She sees near the alter an Eladrin priest by the name of Immeral, who turns and stares at her for a full minute before finally being able to move. He immediately grabs a cloth from the alter and runs to her to cover her nakedness and leads her to a pew and sits her down. He asks her name and she responds right away “Rosalina, I have no last name.” Her voice is clear and sounds like a hundred beautiful bells. They sit and the talk for hours, she telling him of her lifetimes past and how disturbed she is that she cannot remember her most recent. He tells her that he has lived through the Endless Winter and when he looks at her she gets the sense that he knows something about her past that she does not, and sometimes he has a glint of sorrow for her in his eyes.

Immeral can tell Rosalina is highly pure and devout to the gods of the world, and he gets a strong impression that she will be a perfect fit for this church of Erathis. He leads her to the hallway where the bedrooms are and brings her to one that is simple but clean with a bed and dresser. He gives her clean robes to wear and a key to her new home. She knows that this is where she belongs and immediately feels at peace with her new life.

A few years pass and during that time she is trained among the best of the church. Within her new lifetime she decides to follow the path of the Paladins and becomes a very devout defender of all that is good and all that are innocent. She feels very strongly in her beliefs that all evil must be stopped. She is very strong physically and mentally and fits the role of a Paladin perfectly. Her trainers are highly impressed and satisfied with her quick progress in the church.

After trust is fully established and Immeral and Rosalina are the closest of friends, he pulls her aside one day and gives her a disturbing assignment…


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