A small, waifish halfling with a shock of white hair and piercing icy blue eyes.


Sariel is the smallest of small halflings. At only 2’10” most others of her kind tower over her. Her skin is her most striking feature. Like an albino, it is near bone white, but Sariel does not have the red eyes of a true albino. Her eyes sparkle like blue sapphires in deep set pools of shadow. Her hair is a frizzy shock of white, either pulled back with a headband or curling wildly about her head. She dresses in smooth gray leathers, form fitting but supple and flexible enough to allow for her more acrobatic maneuvers. At her waist is a gunmetal shortsword with an almost magnetic quality. The pommel is a nearly perfect smokey quartz crystal, set in silver and wrapped in black leathers for a secure grip. About her neck a frostwolf pelt is slung, a hoary pelt that seems to shake off the cold bite of the winter winds. Over her leather sleeves she wears dark iron armbands that soak up the light like a thirsty beast.



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