Session #34 Summary

With the armies of Solkara scattered and their lieutenants slain, the PCs traveled back to Frostwatch to rest up and help in the rebuilding. After a few days, the city seemed to be returning to its former self. The winter broke, the harsh weather faded, and signs of spring began to show.

After giving the PCs some well-deserved recovery time, Travius requested an audience. He asked the PCs to risk themselves one last time in defense of Frostwatch and the world. Solkara was at her weakest point ever in history. She had overextended herself in this current attempt at escape, and most of champions and armies had been destroyed. With all of the keys in the possession of the PCs, they could unlock her prison finish her for good. If not, she would just build her power again and attempt escape in another century or two, when perhaps heroes such as the PCs would not be around to stop her. The PCs agreed, and prepared to make their final journey in Solkara’s realm.

Before bidding his leave, Travius pulled Helmirion aside. He mentioned that he was planning on retiring from his position as Archmage of the Red Spire, and was prepared to endorse Helmirion as his replacement. The Red Spire needed a strong leader to rebuild, and to help the surrounding city of Frostwatch to rebuild as well. Helmirion said he would consider it and bid Travius his leave.

The PCs left for the portal under the mountain where they could enter Solkara’s realm. They greeted the Red Spire wizards there that were restoring the monolith, and then jumped into the portal. They found themselves in an endless, desolate, frozen tundra. The PCs tried to orient themselves but found no sun or stars to navigate by. However, they realized that the amulets which were keys to Solkara’s prison were pulling in a particular direction, and set off in that direction.

After an indeterminite amount of time (due to the unchanging landscape), the PCs rested. During their rest, the light suddenly faded. When it rose again, they found themselves in an entirely different landscape of ashy wasteland and flowing lava. The PCs arose, started, and found that Kostchtchie was moving toward them to attack.

The PCs fought hard against the demon lord, who could summon a seemingly infinite amount of aid from his demon horde, as well as control the very lands of his demesne to force the PCs where he wanted them. But the PCs bested him, and the final ally of Solkara’s was no more.

With Kostchtchie destroyed, his demesne crumbled and the PCs again found themselves in Solkara’s frozen tundra. They continued to follow the pull of the amulets, and eventually found themselves at a giant frozen lake, with Solkara’s immobile form outlined below. Upon arriving, energy began to flow from the amulets to different spots around the lake. When the PCs brought the amulets to the various spots, the frozen lake suddenly thawed, and water churned violently. Solkara was free.

The PCs fought valiently against Solkara, and were able to best her despite her control over the elemental forces of water and cold. With Solkara finally and utterly destroyed, the events that began in Frostwatch so many months ago were finally put to rest.

As for the PCs, they continued to find further adventures…

Rosalina and Sariel are given entry into Erathis’ demesne to come and go as they please. They are elevated to the status of demigods and become Erathis’ champions in the world. They travel throughout the world to advance civilization.

Helmirion is asked to become the Archmage of the Red Spire. Travius wants to retire. Helmirion helps to rebuild the spire and the surrounding city in his image. He gets infinite loot.

At the moment Solkara falls, it becomes clear why Lucifan’s master had wanted him to participate. All of her power is absorbed into Lucifan and channeled into his master. A human mind is not meant to handle such power, and most of Lucifan’s humanity is shattered in the process. But, a good portion of the power remains within him, and he becomes a powerful arch devil in his own right, joining his master in the Nine Hells.

Rohak, having freed his people from Solkara’s yolk and redeemed his failures from centuries before, is no longer haunted by the spirits of those he failed to protect. He is free to pass on and join the spirits of his ancestors in the afterlife. Other dwarven shamans notice that the spirits seem to be even more energized to help them and that they can harness more power than they had before, especially in the healing arts.

Telara retires from the cities of the world and fades into the forest. Thereafter, when evil festers in the deep dark of the forests and caves of the world, it is said that a Dark Wanderer appears to remove the blight and keep the wilderness of the world safe for those who honor its bounty.

Session #33 Summary

The PCs left the demiplane that Helmirion summoned in order to allow them to rest. They reentered the material realm near Frostwatch and made their way toward where they had gotten reports that Mirmakur’s army was located. They found Mirmakur without too much trouble, and in fact when Mirmakur spotted the PCs flying overhead, he moved away from his main army and beckoned that they approach.

When the PCs got within range, Mirmakur summoned a demiplane of his own, taking the PCs with him. It was a large dome surrounded by swirling magical storms. Mirmakur retreated into a similar shell and summoned several creatures to keep the PCs busy: a primordial hydra, some frost gorons, and a couple storm titans. It was a tough battle, but the PCs overcame Mirmakur’s minions.

After a few moments of peace, Mirmakur’s shell disappeared and he attacked, summoning two blizzard dragons to help him. Despite the first battle weakening some of their reserves, the PCs were able to destroy Mirmakur without too much trouble.

With Mirmakur and Xixecal defeated, the remaining armies attacking Frostwatch will probably be easily routed. And the PCs have all of the keys for Solkara’s prison. They can finally enter the portal under the mountains, enter the prison, and defeat Solkara for good. Of course, Kostchiechie will probably intervene and will have to be dealt with first…

Session #32 Summary

The PCs were awoken to the sounds of war horns and scrambling soldiers. The advance scouts of Solkara’s army had arrived at the gates of Frostwatch. The PCs got some last-minute intelligence from some of the commanders, who told them that Xixecal had swung around and was approaching from the west, while Mirmakur had done the opposite and was approaching from the east.

The PCs decided to stick with their plan and go after Xixecal. Helmirion used his dragon ritual so he could transport the PCs and himself quickly, and hopefully undetected. The PCs swung south, hoping to flank Xixecal. The plan was a success, though their were some close calls with outlying troops. The PCs landed ahead of Xixecal’s position, and waited for he and his lieutenants to march into their ambush.

Xixecal was a fearsome foe, but he was vulnerable to fire, which inhibited his aura of bone-chilling cold. The PCs finish him and his minions off without taking any significant casualties.

The PCs then debated whether they should go after Mirmakur immediately, after having spent much of their power on destroying Xixecal. Or, should they instead rest, giving Mirmakur a chance to establish defenses, but go after him with renewed vigor. Helmirion had an idea to find a plane where time ran faster, allowing them to rest, without allowing too much time to pass in the world. After some thought, he came up with a place, and created a portal there without too much difficulty.

The PCs settled in to rest, after which they would be ready to travel back to Frostwatch and go after Mirmakur, Solkara’s final lieutenant…

Session #31 Summary

The PCs told Prince Degard to hold back with his troops while they went after the Balor and his lieutenants. It was a tough battle, during which Telara was felled by the Balor. But the PCs ralied, and defeated the Balor and his foul minions.

With the Balor defeated, the remainder of his army scattered quickly. Prince Degard’s army and the PCs were able to take out any disorganized groups that they encountered as they made their way back to Frostwatch. The PCs elected to stay with the army and escort them back in order to ensure their safe arrival. The PCs and the army arrived back at Frostwatch to great fanfare. The reinforcements nearly doubled the size of Frostwatch’s defense.

The PCs met with Travius and got an update on the movements of the northern army. Travius gave a rundown of the troops: Mirmakur and Xixecal travelled separately in the army, issuing orders from either side. Travius had scryed several dragons, hundreds of demons and elementals, and roughly ten thousand troops composed of savage humanoid races such as orcs, tulgar, ogres, and giants. Travius estimated that based on the army’s position and speed, it would arrive before the morning of the next day.

Since this was the final stop, the PCs pulled out all of the stops. They travelled back to Hathsarl in the Elemental Chaos in order to solicit help from King Aphyr. He was able to give them 20 of his elite guard, as well as 100 of his archon troops. In addition, Helmirion travelled to his adopted city of Hesinvorn to get help from the elves. They contributed another couple hundred troops. Telara travelled into the wilderness to implor Nature herself for aid. She rallied the larger creatures of the forests to join in the defense of the land: wolves, bears, birds of prey, and other fearsome beasts. Rohak prayed to the spirits in order to garner their aid, as Sariel and Rosalina prayed to Erathis in order to ensure her assistance during their time of need.

When all was said and done, the PCs stood with an army of roughly 4000 troups, some of which would be able to hold their own against Solkara’s army for a time. But they were still vastly outnumbered and outgunned. It would be up to the PCs in order to turn the tide of battle. With a few hours remaining, the PCs formulated their final attack plan. While the battle started in earnest at the gates of Frostwatch, the PCs would fly on winged steeds summoned by Helmirion, circle around the army to the back ranks, and take the fight directly to Xixecal and Mirmakur. Since Xixecal was a more challenging fight, they would take him on first, and then go after Mirmakur once Xixecal was destroyed.

Having done as much as they could to prepare, the PCs retired for a couple hours of fitful sleep, waiting for the alarm to be raised on the army’s arrival…

Session #30 Summary

The PCs rested in the Astral Sea after they defeated Allabar. During the night, Rosalina and Lucifan received visions from their respective masters.

Erathis showed Rosalina a large area south of Frostwatch where a battle had taken place. Human bodies lay everywhere, with the occaisional orc, ogre, giant, or demon corpse mixed in. Clearly the humans had been on the losing side of the battle. Erathis warned Rosalina that she would have to prevent this from occuring in order to save Frostwatch, and all of civilization in the north.

Meanwhile, Lucifan received a different vision. He saw his master as he always did, cloaked in shadows, unable to see his face. The devil lord told Lucifan that Kostchichie, the demon lord, sworn enemy of his Master, had materilized in the world, along with an army of his demon minions. They had swarmed in from the portal in the mountains. Lucifan’s master ordered him to defeat Kostchichie and drive him back to the Abyss, or he would not enjoy the rest of eternity.

Lucifan and Rosalina shared the information when the PCs awoke, and they decided to return to Frostwatch immediately. The teleported to the Red Spire and found Travius there, injured and exhausted. He explained that demons had indeed poured out of the portal that he and the other mages were guarding. There were heavy losses, and the mages were forced to fall back and abandon the portal. When they returned to Frostwatch, they found that the attacks from the savage races of the north had started up again: clearly someone had taken Norvaldr’s place in organizing their raids.

When the PCs explained their visions, Travius was heartened. The king of Frostwatch had sent messengers to the southern cities in order to request reinforcements. They had not heard any word back, probably because the messengers had been intercepted en route. The army in Rosalina’s vision were certainly reinforcements from the south, based on the description of their banners. Through Rosalina’s description of the area, Travius was able to focus a scrying ritual on the area, and confirm that the army was there, and so far the battle had not started. Travius urged the PCs to make haste and save the army from the fate fortold by Erathis.

Meanwhile, Sariel had gone for a quick errand to pick up a new weapon. Rohak accompanied her, and while he was waiting outside the shop, an Eisk Jaat messenger found him. The messenger explained that the Living Glacier had risen in the frozen lands north of the mountains. A storm titan had gathered the savages under him and were making their way south. The Eisk Jaat had been slaughtered in the army’s wake. THe Earth Mother still lived, and had sent the messenger to warn the dwarf with the Heart of the Mountain of the danger posed to the people of the south.

After some confusion, Rohak was able to relay the message to the rest of the PCs. Clearly, Mirmakur was in the world along with Kostchichie, and he had summoned Xixecal, the Living Glacier, as well. It seemed they were going to make one last ditch effort to overrun Frostwatch and free the way for Solkara. Intercepting the southern armies would be a good first step in isolating Frostwatch and sealing its fate.

Helmirion cast a ritual to transform into a large dragon which could carry the rest of the PCs. With the advantage of flight and travel speed, the PCs quickly located the army, and found that the fighting had started. They came upon a group of humans that had been surrounded by savages and demons. The foes were a trifle to the PCs, and a well-placed chain lightning from Helmirion eliminated almost all of the attackers. The PCs cleaned up the rest while Rohak used his healing magic to save most of the battalion.

The leader of the battalion thanked the PCs profusely, but urged them to regroup and go after the price. He gave them instructions on where the prince was last camped, and the PCs made haste again. The found the prince on a war horse, riding with several skilled fighters. They were in the midst of routing a group of demons. The PCs hailed him, and he was glad to see them.

He explained that he knew where the leader of the enemy army was located, and had been trying to gather his troops to make a run at him. The leader was a huge winged demon with a flaming whip and a sword that crackled with lightning. Based on that description, the PCs knew that the army was being lead by a Balor, one of the most powerful types of demons.

The PCs made some quick plans with the prince, and the group was about to head out to confront the Balor when a gargantuan white dragon flew over the crest of a hill and descended toward them. At the same time, a large group of orcs came into view, charging in the same direction. The prince shouted at the PCs to focus on the dragon, and he and his men would keep the orcs off of their back.

The price did well in keeping the orcs at bay, though several did make it into the fray with the PCs. It was a tough battle, and the PCs were forced to spend energy and powers that they would have preferred to save for the Balor. But in the end the dragon and the orcs were slain. The prince’s group had taken a couple casualities, but they were valiant deaths.

The PCs and the prince’s men regrouped, again preparing to go after the Balor. While they were recovering, the original batallian that the PCs had rescued found them and joined the cause.

Session #29 Summary

The PCs continued along the desolate land within the Astral Sea, toward the headquarters of the Ilun Sembre as the map indicated.

As they travelled, the PCs noticed stranger and stranger things happening. Their minds were starting to fray, and out of the corner of their eyes strange shapes and creatures would appear and disappear at random. It got worse as they went closer to their destination. Reality itself seemed to be dissolving.

The PCs crested a small hill and found themselves overlooking a strange scene. There was a giant gateway on a pedestal in the middle of the featureless plain. The gateway was made of a strange metal alloy that seemed to flow constantly with different hues. Despite the flowing metal, there were strange runes and symbols carved into the gate that did not flow. The symbols and runes, to those trained in magic, were almost offensive: they bespoke a completely different approach to magic that would not work in this reality.

In the middle of the gate was a portal swirling with green energy. There was a gigantic sphere floating above the pedestal in front of the gate. The sphere was decorated all over its surface with large eyes that were currently closed. The sphere swirled with the same green energy which was flowing out of the gate and directly into it.

On either side of the gate, hastily set up on the ground, were a few tents. There were a couple forsaken and some overly large illithids milling about around the tents, and one of the forsaken yelled toward the PCs as they approached. He taunted them, telling them that it was too late to stop the summoning of Allabar, Opener of the Way, and that their reality was doomed.

The PCs did not give up, and dove into battle with the last of the Ilun Sembre. They came out of the battle unscathed, though they did not have much time to rest. Only a few moments after the last of their foes were slain, all of the eyes on the sphere simultaneously opened, and the sphere moved toward the PCs.

Allabar was a challenging foe, a dark god that had been banished to the Far Realm and twisted by its strange reality. The PCs fought with everything they had, and bested Allabar, banishing him back to the Far Realm, and reclosing the Gate.

Session #28 Summary

The PCs started the session engaged in a battle with the second wave of the Ilun Sembre. This battle was tough, and the enemies seemed to be trying to exploit the weaknesses of the group. Obviously they had studied the PCs and new where to focus their attacks.

The PCs eventually wore down their foes, and slew all but the forsaken leader who teleported away. Despite the fact that the PCs were right outside the door of an Ilun stronghold, they decided that they didn’t have enough resources left to explore inside. The stayed in one of the numerous inns within Sigil, and returned the next morning.

Unfortunately, the Ilun took that opportunity to clear out the stronghold. The PCs found the place abandoned, and cleaned out in a hurry. With a bit of luck and keen observation, Telara noticed a book secured underneath a desk drawer in what was probably the boss’s private quarters. The book contained encoded information, and the PCs could not immediately decode the information.

The PCs returned to the Red Spire in Frostwatch and set out to decode the information. After a few days shared between the Red Spire and the Church of Erathis, the PCs were able to decode some of the information. The book contained some information about the Ilun, including directions on how to reach their headquarters within the Astral Sea. The directions started with the sigils for a teleportation circle.

The PCs followed the coordinates for the teleportation circle and arrived in the Astral Sea. They found themselves in a desolate landscape that was clearly important to the forsaken, a casualty of the Dawn War between the gods and primordials. The landscape was shattered, with large chunks of rock floating dozens of feat above the ground.

The PCs started to follow the directions from the book, but after a half hour or so the Ilun Sembre attacked again. They had the advantage of picking the location of their ambush, and their were three forsaken leaders that took a defensive position on a few of the floating rocks. The forsaken summoned various demons into the fight to engage the PCs while they attacked from a distance.

The battle was tough, and again the Ilun seemed to have a clear plan on how to triumph, but the PCs resisted. In the end, the forsaken and their minions were slain, and the PCs continued on toward their headquarters…

Session #27 Summary

The PCs were momentarily stunned when the githzerai known as Liricosa suddenly transforms into Natan, now reborn as a Rhakshasa. The PCs recovered and battle ensued. The demons that Natan summoned were locked down quite effectively for most of the encounter, but Natan was much tricker to control. He was able to slash with his claws and longsword with amazing speed, dodging in and out of the PCs attacks with apparent ease.

Eventually, though, Rosalina summoned all of her power to slay her former friend. She slashed him deeply across the arm, and then used the opportunity to fall inside his reach and plunge her sword through his chest. As he died, she revealed that he had a daughter that he would never know.

With Natan slain, the PCs recovered Vlaakith’s amulet, and also the dagger that Natan had tricked the PCs into recovering for him. After a quick examination, it was obvious that the dagger was Vlaakith’s phylactery. The PCs immersed it in the elemental fire from the lich’s lab, and the dagger was consumed, preventing the fiend from ever returning.

The PCs returned back to the Red Spire in Frostwatch with Natan’s body. Rosalina took a solo trip into the wilderness to bury him. On her way back, a bunch of drow teleported in and dove in to attack her. She saw no way out, and was sure that she would perish. However, time froze and a statuesque woman wearing artisan’s clothing appeared out of the treeline. The woman revealed herself to be Erathis, Rosalina’s god.

Erathis told Rosalina that she was in grave danger, but her time in this life was not yet over. She warned her that the rest of her friends would need her help to survive what is yet to come. Suddenly, there was a flash of brilliant light, Erathis and the drow were gone, and Rosalina found herself outside the gates of Frostwatch, though she had been many miles from there when Erathis appeared.

Rosalina quickly went back to join up with the rest of the PCs, and explained what had happened. The recounted what the group of drow looked like, and recreate the symbol that they had worn. Sariel recognized the symbol as belonging to a legendary group of assassins known as the Ilun Sembre. Most members of Sariel’s guild considered the Ilun to be a myth, but the stories surrounding them always made them out to be almost unbeatable.

The PCs, not ones to be intimidated, attacked the problem head on. They went to Travius’ library and did some research, but could not find much. Helmirion cast a ritual to allow for the PCs to consult a spirit oracle. The PCs found out that Mirmakur had hired the Ilun Sembre to kill them, and that they were being tracked through the amulets. They also found out that the Ilun had an established presence in the planar city of Sigil.

In addition to gathering information about Sigil, Helmirion also cast a reverse scrying ritual to try to get a sense of who was watching them. The ritual was successful, and Helmirion was able to glimpse a humanoid with bandages surround his eyes which looked to have been torn out by his own hands. It appeared to be one of the Foresaken, a group of humanoids that had absorbed the essence of slain gods during the Dawn War.

The PCs made their way to Sigil and started asking around. With some amazing streetwise investigation from Sariel, the PCs found a house that was rumored to be connected to the Ilun. The PCs approached the building and found it to be a fairly large, ornate structure with a very solid front door. The PCs started to case the building, but were interrupted as the same drow that attacked Rosalina teleported in around them. Except this time, they had a couple of drow abominations with them that could summon blinding, dizzying darkness.

The battle was tough, but the PCs overcame the drow. But only a few minutes later, another wave teleported in, this one led by the same Forsaken that they had seen through the reverse scrying ritual. He was accompanied by several flying demons, a couple mind flayers, and one of the illithid’s elder brains.

Session #26 Summary

The PCs recovered from their battles in the Rookery, and had decided to make their way to a safer neighborhood to catch some rest. As they were leaving, however, they were approached by a female githzerai who introduced herself as Liricosa. She was quite standoffish and private, but offered to tell the PCs what she know about the lich Vlaakith in exchange for them recovering a particular dagger from his person. She would not reveal how she knew about Vlaakith, what she wanted the dagger for, or anything regarding her history.

The PCs agreed eventually. She told them that Vlaakith was held up in a particular house within the Rookery, and told them what she knew of his doings in the city, which wasn’t much. She could not offer them any advise about slaying him since she had never seen him fight. In addition, she could offer no information regarding his phylactery.

The PCs left Liricosa and made their way out of the Rookery to recover and plan their assault on Vlaakith’s house. Rosalina had grown suspicious of how much Liricosa knew about their intent to find Vlaakith, since they had only mentioned it to the Azer Ven in the foundry. The PCs went seeking after Ven, but found that he had abandoned his post at the foundry, his living quarters look undisturbed, and no one knew what had become of him. Suspicious of what happened, but without any other leads, the PCs retired to an inn to get some rest.

When the PCs awoke, they headed back into the Rookery to investigate Vlaakith’s house. They found that the house had two floors, and upper floor with barred windows and drawn curtains, and a lower floor that was filled with crumbling debris and decaying furniture. The PCs cautiously entered the lower floor, and were attacked by Vlaakith’s guards: an efreet, a few tulgar, several undead arcanian spellcasters, and two obsidian golems. The battle was tough, with the PCs unable to combine their efforts to take out any of their foes. Eventually the PCs gained the upper hand, and the opposition crumbled quickly.

After a short rest, the PCs prepared to head upstairs and hopefully find Vlaakith. Sariel made her way up first, trying to remain unseen. However, Vlaakith saw right through her stealth, and gloated at her to bring her friends up. When the others came upstairs, Vlaakith had just finished a ritual involving a cauldron of lava and another vessel of concentrated flame. Helmirion and Lucifan quickly determined that Vlaakith had been working to harness the power from the lake of lava upon which the City of Brass was built. Vlaakith briefly gloated about his ritual’s success, and his ability to free Solkara from her frozen prison by harnessing the Sea of Fire.

The PCs dove into battle, and were able to best Vlaakith without too much trouble. He had some zombie minions that could not be slain. They managed to give the PCs some trouble, but Rosalina kept Vlaakith locked down and the PCs eventually overtook him.

After Vlaakith was slain, Liricosa appeared. The PCs were suspicious of her sudden appearance, but having just located the dagger that she sought, Telara handed it over to her. Liricosa suddenly changed as she thrust the dagger into Telera’s chest. Before the PCs stood Natan, now a Rakshasa. He laughed maniacally, and then dove into a swirling attack with his two razor-sharp blades…

Session #25 Summary

The PCs finished up at Norvaldr’s compound, which the Eisk Jaat were now moving in to. Before they left, the Earthmother summons Rohak for a final conversation. She thanked him for helping her people, and urged him to pass her thanks on to his companions. In addition, she explained that she saw the power of the Mountains within him, which she had never seen in other races before. She gave Rohak an ancient totem made of leather and bone that was shaped into a geometric pattern. She told him that the totem would help him in the dark times that were to come, and that he should meditate on it to unlock its secrets.

The PCs then had to find out how to get to the City of Brass within the Elemental Chaos. Figuring that the wizards of the Red Spire would have such knowledge, that was their first stop. They found that Travius and most of the senior wizards were still securing the monolith. The PCs found out by talking to some of the junior wizards that Travius kept some books related to the City of Brass in his personal library. After some persuasion, the wizard in command of the Red Spire, an exotic woman by the name of Caliphae, agreed to let the PCs into Travius chambers to conduct their research. Helmirion made short work of the assignment, and had an excellent understanding of the City of Brass after a few hours of reading.

Before heading into the City of Brass, the PCs decided to stop back at Hathsarl to see how King Aphyr was faring in his reascension to power. Aphyr was glad to see the PCs, and held a banquet in their honor. The King told them what he could of the City of Brass, and bid the PCs to ask after an azer in one of the foundries that owed him a favor. Aphyr thought that he might be able to help the PCs to locate Vlaakith. Before leaving Hathsarl, the PCs also saw that House Mariz was being rebuilt, and that Yuriel was doing well, relaxing after his recent adventures.

The portal to the City of Brass went without a hitch, and the PCs found themselves at one of the major gates into the city. The PCs had to speak with a couple Efreet before being allowed entrance, and also had to place their palsm onto a magic device that tracked their essence while in the city. Once inside, the PCs sought out Aphyr’s azer friend, a blacksmith by the name of Ven.

The PCs found Ven without too much trouble, and asked him some pointed questions about Vlaakith, dancing around the subject of his lichdom. Ven was able to provide some information about the city in general, but could offer no specific information about any liches or anyone named Vlaakith. He recommended that the PCs start with an area of the city known as the Rookery, the seediest district where the law did not reach.

The PCs made their way to the Rookery, and found that they drew a lot of attention as soon as they were inside. A ragtag group of ruffians approached the PCs looking for a fight. They called themselves the Dread Fist Gang. The PCs fought and easily bested the gang. Without more than a few minutes rest, another challenger appeared. He was a priest of Imix, the fire lord. Though at first he appeared to fight alone, when the battle started he summoned a number of fire creatures. Although the PCs had already used some of their powers during the battle with the Dread Fist Gang, the Imix cultist did not prove to be any more difficult to vanquish.

After the PCs demonstrated their battle prowess, they received noticeably less attention as they made their way deeper into the Rookery…


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