New Frostwatch

After the end of The Endless Winter, people eventually made their way back to Frostwatch. They built a new city around the ruins of the old, and called it New Frostwatch. And still it stands, a bastion of civilization at the northern end of the known world.

Frostwatch is the northernmost major city of the now-defunct empire of humans that used to the main power in this region. It has some unique geographical advantages that make it a hub of trade for the region. Most importantly are the two rivers that run outside of the city. These allow easy trade both to the ocean to the west, as well as the larger lands to the south. The other important advantage Frostwatch has is its vicinity to the Frostpeak Mountains just north of the city. These mountains are a rich source of many important minerals, including gold, silver, iron, and coal.

Frostwatch is mostly inhabited by humans. However, there is a significant population of dwarves, many of which are involved in mining operations in the mountains to the north. And other races do reside in Frostwatch, just not in significant numbers.


  • 70% Humans
  • 20% Dwarves
  • 10% Other

New Frostwatch

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