Session #21 Summary

The PCs spent the night among the ruins of Coir Dun. Rohak said his peace in front of his crumbling statue. Sariel realized that she needed a ranged weapon and dug through a few of the buildings until she found something suitable. In the morning, the PCs parted ways with Estan. He was not prepared to enter the mines, and Rohak knew the trails quite well from Coir Dun to the mines.

The trip to the mines was uneventful, until the PCs arrived at the entrance. As they were climbing the final switchbacks that lead to the mine entrance, they could hear the occasional snippet of giant speech from above. Sariel scouted ahead and found that the mine entrance was guarded by several stone giants, as well as a fomorian.

The terrain did not give the PCs much of a chance to get the jump on the guards. They charged up the last switchback and engaged their foes face-to-face. The giants proved to be amateur combatants, and Rosalina kept the fomorian from engaging the party. The battle was long but the PCs had the upper hand from the start. At the end, the fomorian was the last foe standing, and he realized that he was not going to prevail. He launched himself down the mountainside, barely surviving the fall but living to fight another day.

The PCs made their way into the mines, retracing their steps from several weeks ago when they had discovered the monolith. They entered the monolith’s chamber cautiously, approaching through one of the caverns on the upper level. They found that the monolith was as well guarded as last time, and the monolith itself was in even worse shape. It would clearly not last much longer, and there were a cultists surrounding the monolith and channeling foul energy into it even at that moment.

The PCs spent some time studying the room and their enemies, trying to come up with a plan for overcoming such overwhelming odds. The room was filled with giants, demons, elementals, cultists, and another fomorian. Eventually, the PCs landed on a plan with using one of the caverns as a choke point. They started the battle with Helmirion laying down a wall of ice to block the main passageway up to the cavern. Some of the larger enemies could still jump onto the upper level, but many were killed as they tried to smash through the wall. Sariel and Rosalina layed down some ranged fire until the enemies reach them, and then fell back into the cavern. Helmirion flew to the ceiling of the chamber, using a blur spell to remain invisible to the enemies.

The fight went well at first, with many of the weaker enemies destroyed by the wall of ice, or by Helmirion’s blasts. Eventually the wall of ice was destroyed and the enemies started to make their way toward the entrance to the caverns where the PCs made their stand. The PCs held up well, but the blasts from the cultists were wearing down their healing reserves. A fire giant ran through another cavern to try to get the jump on the PCs from behind, but they were prepared and eventually he was slain. Many enemies remained, but the PCs were determined to win the day and rescue the monolith…



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